How do you know that your parcel has been sent?

You will receive a confirmation email from us with your tracking number when your parcel has left our studio.

Can you deliver to an alternative address to my billing address?

You are able to choose an alternative delivery address when you are checking out.


What payment methods do you accept?

  • Credit Cards: Visa, Mastercard & American Express

  • Bank Transfer

  • PayPal

Who pays for customs & import charges?

Outside of the EU all customs or import duties are charged once a parcel reaches the destination country. These charges must be paid by the recipient of the shipment. We are sorry to state that we have no control over these costs, and also cannot give you any detailed information on what the costs will be, as custom policies and import duties vary widely from country to country. Please be aware that your parcel can be delayed by customs and for this reason charges can be applied. We apologize for any inconveniences in this matter but we have no control over this and are not able to supply any details why or for how long your parcel can be delayed.


Why is every mimycri bag unique?
mimycri uses material, which already had a previous life before becoming a bag. All mimycri products are made out of broken rubber boats, which are collected on the beaches of the Greek island Chios. Every boat has its own story, its own state of use and its own look. In Berlin, the material is hand-cut and hand-sewed. This means that literally everyone will have a mimycri bag unlike the others.

Why is mimycri using recycled material?
We believe that we do not need more stuff but rather experiences, family time together and new adventures. We also believe that products with a story make us much happier than mass produced, sterile items, which we will throw away soon again. This is why we are making something new out of something “old”. It’s beautiful, creative and unique.

How tough are mimycri bags?
In their previous life as boats, mimycri bags had to be strong, tough and resistant. They still are. The materials and the craftsmanship will make your mimycri bag a yearlong companion for all your (everyday) adventures. If you treat it nicely, you might even see your grandchildren using it one day.

Is it normal for my mimycri bag to have scratches?
Every mimycri bag was a boat in its previous life and has been in numerous different places. The markings on the bags are witnesses of this past and make it what it is. And it does not end here: as your bag will accompany you on your journeys, it will collect more spots and scuffs on the way, beautifully and proudly portraying your life and experiences.

Where does mimycri get the material from?
We are working together with great volunteers who are cleaning the beaches in Chios from the broken rubber boats. Before, the material was thrown away, going straight to a landfill. Today, the material is sent to Berlin for a bright and shiny future as a high-quality mimycri bag.

What happens if my mimycri bag stains?
Just like your brand-new, snow-white sneakers, your mimycri bag will not always look like on the day you bought it. The lighter the material your bag is made out of, the more traces it will show. That is nothing to worry about and does not make your mimycri bag less likable. Quite on the contrary, it should motivate you to take care of it and treat it with a lot of love.

How do I treat my mimycri bag with love?
Loving has never been so easy: Water, your preferred detergent and a soft cloth and your mimycri bag will be on cloud nine AND looking fresh, unique and sexy, just as on the day you met.

How does my mimycri bag feel in a washing machine?
You can throw your mimycri bag in a pillowcase and wash it at a maximum of 40C°. However, please be aware that dryers and irons will not get along well with your mimycri bag.


Frequently Asked Questions

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