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We all know the feeling of staring at a computer or phone screen and typing away all day long. In this digital world we live in, being offline and offscreen has become a rarity! Looking for a way to give yourself some digital freedom to reflect on the crazy things happening in this world? Our notebooks can do exactly that for you (while looking extremely sleek and being super sustainable)! Using pen and paper to jot down your deepest thoughts, mindfully reflect on your day or plan your future, feels like freedom and self-care.

Meet the 18hoch2 x mimycri collaboration:

the samples of the collaboration of mimycri with 18hoch2 and the book

This special notebook is for your stories and is a story in itself: every single one of the 18hoch2 notebooks is handmade using certified recycled as well as biodegradable paper. This makes our notebooks 100% sustainable. For this collaboration, mimycri produced distinctive reusable covers. We repurpose material from discarded rubber boats, which once helped refugees cross the Mediterranean Sea. In our Berlin studio, tailors who came to Germany as refugees transform the rubber material into new products for you. Our 18hoch2xmimycri #notesforgood tell a story: they raise awareness of the refugee situation in and around Europe, while also fostering integration and creating a positive narrative on migration.

an open book from the collaboration mimycri and 18hoch2

#notesforgood are good for you, for the people in your community and for your environment!

With purchasing this notebook you make a statement. You show people that it is possible and fun to change our habits as consumers and that the analog world is still alive. An 18hoch2 x mimycri notebook is a political statement, a social commitment for a better future and a long-lasting companion for all the change that you want to see and the stories your create on your way.

the book from the collaboration mimycri and 18hoch2


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