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Recent Developments in Greece: 4 things you can do!

A banner which says "We are one. Take action, save lives!"

We are speechless and shocked about what is happening in Greece. At the Greek-Turkish border guards fired tear gas at women, men and children. Residents try to stop migrants from disembarking from boats arriving at the island Lesvos. Fascists attack NGO workers, journalists and migrants everywhere on the island.

A picture with many refugees. the picture was published by the magazine Spiegel
Der Spiegel covered the situation. Watch here:
“Its now more important than ever that Europe must act to correct its policy-making and support Greece. EU leaders must ensure decisive and coordinated action to protect human life”

This is what you can do:

an Illustration of different forms which represent the community

1. Sign this petition and share it

The petition calls for:

1. Immediate action from all Member States to decongest the Aegean Islands of Lesvos, Chios, Samos, Kos and Leros through fair relocation of asylum seekers across European countries.

2. The immediate provision by EU states of support to, and oversight of, the Greek government’s Reception and Identification Centres, to ensure access to a safe and legal asylum process.

3. The creation of a shared European register of legal, medical and protection staff to support the Greek government through rotational placements in the Aegean in processing asylum applications in a humane, dignified and legal way.

an Illustration of a demonstration

2. Participate in demonstrations

Show your anger and frustration about the inhuman conditions at the EU borders. With your presence you set a statement, even if just for 30 minutes.

an illustration of a speech bubble

3. Contact your politicians

We are currently drafting a letter to the German minister of Interior. 140 German municipalities have offered to receive migrants and the Minister is stopping this. Once published please sign and share.

Of course you can also contact your representatives and request action.

an illustration of a bridge

4. Support Seebrücke

Seebrücke is an international movement that declares solidarity with all humans who are forced to flee their homes. The movement demands safe routes for refugees, to stop the criminalisation of sea rescue and to receive them in a humane way whilst respecting their rights.

Let’s stay strong and be human in times when it is most needed!


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