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mimicry is a non-profit

fashion brand

We stand for a more sustainable and inclusive world. Our team includes people who have experienced forced migration. Together, we design high quality bags out of discarded material. This way, we offer fair employment to discriminated groups and give a second life to materials that would otherwise go to waste. mimycri is about a change in perspective.


When we start to see things and each other in a different way, a whole new world of possibilities can open up. #weareone 

Our designs


mimycri stands for a positive social and environmental impact. By repurposing discarded material into unique designs, we are using what is already there and thus help to reduce waste on our planet. At the same time, our designs are made by people who were forced to leave their homes. mimycri bags are true conversation-starters, they tell the stories of their tailors, of a circular economy, and of a world in which we are stronger by working together. 


mimycri is all about working together and learning from each other. In addition to making our own products, we also repurpose leftover materials from other companies and turn them into high quality products for their stakeholders, customers or employees.

Together we reduce waste, generate employment for communities affected by forced migration and create special designs with a unique story!


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