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Transparent Pricing
Transparent pricing

We value transparency.

What do our prices contain?

How do we value the work of our team? 


3% Support for Greek partner organizations

We support organizations on Chios and Lesvos. They work with the newcomers arriving by boat, clean the beaches, cut the boat material and send it to Athens.


24% Production team

This percentage includes the salaries for our production team as well as our coordinator overseeing production and making sure our beautiful products reach your home. 


6% Material costs

We try to minimize additional material and favor sustainable accessories. Depending on the product, these include zippers, straps or buckles.


18% Education

Each mimycri product is a unique piece and comes with its own manufacturing challenges. Professional instructors and designers support us along the entire process. We also spend time on the development of new designs. Besides, a part of every product is reinvested in the ANKAA Project to assure training for newcomers and support for our team.


21% Sales and transportation

These include costs for processing orders, customer management, PR, social media and the shipment to your homes.

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