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Repairing your mimycri bag

mimycri stands for circularity. Part of this means repairing products instead of throwing them away and replacing them. Here is what you can do if you have bought a mimycri item and something is broken (which we hope is not the case) that you would like to have repaired:

1. Get in touch with us

Before you get your mimycri bag repaired, please send an email to our production team with pictures of the issue. If you have bought your item less than 2 years ago, we might be able to reimburse you for the repair. This will be decided on an individual basis based on the nature and extent of the issue. 

Please note: We cannot reimburse you if you only get in touch with us after the repair has already happened. 

You can contact our production team at

2. Where to go for the repair

  • Generally, what is broken can be repaired in a general shoe repair place 

  • In Berlin, you can go to Schuhsumer in Bergmannstr. 30, 10961 Berlin

  • In Athens, you can go to our production workshop at ANKAA Project. Please contact them first to make an appointment.


If you have any other questions regarding repairs or you aren't where to get a new zipper for example, shoot a message to our production team at ANKAA. We are happy to help

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