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mimycri x IKEA

We have a campaign for you.

Remember the Balenciaga Ikea bag back in 2017? A bag so un-innovative in its design and production, its international attention was frustrating. We decided it was our turn to re-imagine the iconic Frakta bag, re-imagining it for our planet and every single person on it.

At mimycri refugees make bags out of broken rubber boats that once carried them over the Mediterranean. Designing together in a diverse team we create awareness for the current migration situation and at the same time provide a scalable solution – working together to create something meaningful. Our bags are vessels for storytelling. They are testimonials of what is happening in the Mediterranean and a result of what can happen when we come together as human beings and start creating.

mimycri is a non-profit organisation. We started with bags, reaching out to organisations around Berlin to find refugees to join the team. From there we have grown into a platform and voice that challenges the negative narrative on migration through co-creation workshops and events with the local community. mimycri is a space where creativity is inspired, where people meet whose paths would otherwise not cross and where stories are created and shared.

Now, we want to encourage others to contribute to building a world where we emphasize what we have in common and not what separates us and where being kind to our earth is a prerequisite for everything we do. IKEA is our first target.

The bag that Balenciaga made was clever, IKEA’s response was amazing: “Function and quality should not be a privilege for the few”. We could not agree more. But in 2019, we believe that this is not enough. It is time that our way of consumption and production is regenerative and inclusive, adding true value for people and planet. We all know that this is the only way forward. Not only is there no profit to be made on a dead planet, but increasingly people want to know the person who made what they wear and use.

All mimycri designs are made to serve these purposes.

Watch this film, share it, and realise how powerful a change of perspective can be.

The goal of this film is not to sell more bags. It is to encourage anyone who produces goods (especially IKEA) to make them a positive contribution for people and planet. We stand ready to walk this way with anyone who has the courage to explore it.


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