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Our Past Collaborations

For us, collaboration is key in order to maximize our positive impact and our best ideas come from joining forces with others. Creating new products in collaboration with others allows us to learn from each other, repurpose more waste material and create even more job opportunities for our team.

In the past few months, we had the pleasure of working together with two great partners: Munich Security Conference and Finanzwende. We would love to let you peek behind the scenes of how these two collaborations went, what we especially loved about them and what we learned from them.

mimycri collaboration bags with Munich Security Conference
mimycri collaboration bags

This year already marks our third collaboration with MSC. Since June 2021, we have produced laptop sleeves, wash bags, pencil cases and pouches out of old MSC banners - over 1200 products in total! In January this year, they sent us around 50m2 worth of old conference banners which we turned into 209 pencil cases, 220 wash bags and 60 pouches that were used as gifts for visitors at their next conference.

MSC leftover material

This collaboration has really allowed us to become experts in repurposing and working with banners. The process has shown us once again that what seems to be waste can actually be a precious resource which is transformable into amazing new things. Since the volume of this order was very big, it allowed us to invite and train new tailors - and that is something we absolutely love! Collaborations like these enable us to grow as a project and to give more opportunities to talented and skilled people.

We are very proud to have been part of this collaboration and are happy to see the positive impact we could create with it. Dr. Benedikt Franke, CEO of MSC, describes the project:

“Over the last year, this partnership has helped to turn hundreds of meters of used backdrops into laptop sleeves and pencil cases, thereby massively reducing waste and generating new value. The MSC is not only proud of this partnership but hopes that it has set a standard for others to follow. For all that do, mimycri by ANKAA would be a great partner.”

Leftover material for new bags

mimycri and Finanzwende cooperation wallet

Last year we were contacted by Finanzwende, an initiative for fair, stable and sustainable financial markets. They had old company banners that they wanted to repurpose and immediately thought of us. Our whole team was very excited to work with this very colorful material.

Leftover material for new bags

In collaboration with Finanzwende, we developed a completely new design and were able to produce 150 wallets that were used as Christmas gifts for donors. This project gave us the opportunity to broaden our skill set and taught us how to co-design and develop new products according to our clients’ specific needs and aesthetics.

We absolutely love the end result of this collaboration and are glad that Finanzwende feels the same way. At the end of the process they told us:

“We love the wallets and also got great feedback from our donors. The whole process was really smooth and we loved working with you. If we ever plan on doing something similar again, we will definitely contact you.”

special production mimycri wallet
mimycri wallet


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