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Sustainability at the Berlin Fashion Week

From the 16th to the 21st of January, creators and designers come together in Berlin to present their newest work at the Berlin Fashion Week. While other fashion weeks in major cities such as Paris and London usually build on a portfolio of more conventional luxury brands, Berlin gives a platform to smaller and often sustainable labels. Magdalena Schaffrin, founder of the 202030 - the Berlin Fashion Summit, even went as far as calling Berlin Fashion Week the authentic green fashion week stating that they “have already presented so many sustainable labels [...] something that simply does not exist in the European context.”

We love to see different brands with like minded values and strongly believe in uplifting those who also want to have a positive impact. Thus, we want to share with you four of our favorite brands presenting at this Fashion Week in Berlin:

Austrian designer Rebekka Ruetz created this “high quality slow fashion” label in 2009. Designed in Austria and mainly produced in Germany, their garments stand for diversity, variety and longevity. The brand operates under the philosophy to be as sustainable and ethical as possible while producing unique and extravagant pieces. Also part of the brand is the sub-label YOU KNOW YOU WANT IT (YKYWI) which stands for “sustainable urban chic” clothing.

Female Models on Berlin Fashion week (Source: )

#DAMUR is a Berlin based high-end streetwear brand by Taiwanese designer Damur (Shih-Shun) Huang. They have devoted themselves to reducing the environmental impact of fashion production. They focus on long-lasting pieces made out of deadstock fabrics & yarns as well as recycled denim and use innovative practices to minimize waste throughout the whole design process. Their edgy and modern designs are not only meant to show what sustainable fashion can look like but each collection is also “centered around breaking through stereotypes and controversial issues present in today’s society.”

Models on Berlin Fashion Week (Source: )

The young Berlin fashion label Haderlump is all about using what might otherwise go to waste. Their long-lasting high quality clothes are made out of textile scraps, deadstock fabrics and recycled fibers and they only produce their modern designs on request in order to avoid overproduction. The label operates under the premise that “to see value in what others consider ‘good-for-nothing’ is an admirable trait” and we couldn’t agree more! Transparency is their most important value and they aim to spread their vision of sustainability and circular fashion to the entire industry.

Models Berlin Fashion Week (Source: )

The Berlin-based label was founded by French choreographer and designer Stephane “Peeps” Moun. Their garments and accessories are inspired by dance and art and are meant to show the relationship between the body, movement and fashion. Each piece in their capsule collections is unique and made from recycled and upcycled materials. FAAM studio wants to give new life to old textiles and uses “environmentally attentive and minimum-waste techniques to raise awareness around conscious design.” Inclusion and equality is at the heart of their values. Peeps mixes inspirations from different continents and the show at this Fashion Week explores his personal memories of the Cameroonian Civil War.

Male Model Berlin Fashion Week (Source: )


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