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5 Things You Can Do with Your mimycri bag

the mimycri laptop case

Swim with it

No really! Every mimicry product is made using waste material from boats that once carried refugees. The material is water-resistant and strong and has proven its worth by carrying hundreds of people across the ocean. While we cannot promise your belongings with stay completely dry within, we can promise that the material will last and is the perfect companion for water-related, or other, exploring.

Travel with it

With products as small as a book to ones as big as your carry-on suitcase, we have got you covered for whatever trip is coming up. Travel helps expand our understandings of the world. Learn from other cultures, sample other languages and meet the people that make a country what it is, then brings all this new knowledge back to share once more. A mimycri bag will make you stand out in the crowd and help you locate your bag during, the sometimes anxiety-inducing, bag collection.

Treasure it

mimycri believes in a circular economy (an economic system that is completely self-sustaining) so as to keep excessive production, the over-use of raw materials and dangerous, cheap labour to an absolute minimum. The fashion industry releases more CO2 than international aviation and shipping combined, shocking right? We can also support this circular approach and a sustainable lifestyle by treasuring the products we do buy. Choosing to shop by design not by trend and by quality, not quantity can fill your closet with timeless pieces that you will love forever – exactly the kind of pieces that mimycri has, funny that.

Share it with a friend

We all know sharing is caring but we often forget that sharing can be caring for you, someone else and for the object itself. Maybe after 10/20/100 years, you find that your mimycri bag isn’t being used as much as it used to. That doesn’t mean its life has to be over, that wouldn’t be fair to it, so instead, you can share it with a friend, once again, extending its life.

Have you ever done a clothes swap? Our team is all about that life, whether during an evening with friends or at a public event (of which you can find all around Berlin). You can swap stuff forever or for a period of time, and this can help give your wardrobe the re-boost and recharge of love that it sometimes needs. You never know how much you love something until its gone.

Tell its story

A mimycri product is a vessel that holds within its folds some incredible stories. mimycri is changing the narrative on immigration through positive storytelling and by choosing to carry one of our bags you help us do that too. Our bags are made using a material once cast aside and treated as waste, they are hand-crafted by skilled tailors that were once newcomers to Berlin and are now what makes mimycri possible every day. Both the material and our tailors bring with them stories. Stories told through the scratches on the surface of our materials and through the stories we hear of beautiful countries; food, homes and friends and family that are left behind.

Carry a mimycri bag wherever you go, do with it whatever you please and in doing so you will carry these stories forever.

the mimycri laptop case


We want to know what you do with your mimycri bag. Where have you taken it, where does it live and what does it look like now it has a new life.

We are launching our first mimycri competition to discover where our bags have gone.

/ Take a picture of your mimycri product, be creative, interesting or funny – show it off

/ Post it on Instagram. Tag us and #mimycri

/ The most creative, exciting or engaging submission will win a new mimycri washbag

Good luck!

a small mimycri bag


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