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5 Tips for Starting Your Own Social Enterprise

A little over a year into this mimycri journey, Vera and Nora find joy in reflecting on the experience of starting their own business. When they left their old jobs to build the mimycri brand, they set out on a wild adventure. As they have reflected on the best advise and the lessons learned, they compiled the five most important tips for starting your own label:

Describe your vision. Take some time to break down your goals into clear and concise steps: what you want to accomplish in the next year, 6 months, 3 months, 1 month, week, and next day. This makes the first and following steps much more manageable and helps you to simply get started!

Talk to people. Gather opinions and get feedback on your vision and ideas. Don’t assume that people don’t want to help you and your team; people are excited to be a part of something, it just takes an invitation. Oftentimes, someone’s idea can add a new dimension to your overall vision.

Have someone in your corner. Have someone you can trust, and who is there for you on your journey. There will be difficult moments of doubt or disappointments, but with that someone by your side, you can endure the low points and learn from the hard moments.

Buffer Time. Give yourself twice the amount of time to finish a task. If you think it will take a month to hit your target--give yourself two! It’s not only much less frustrating but it is so much more satisfying because you’ll be completing and conquering your tasks. Plus, you’ll proactively avoid unnecessary stress.

Prioritize. Be very clear and honest about what you are excited and love to do and what you’re unable or unwilling to do. Once you have outlined the jobs, you can prioritize tasks and find specialists to help you on the troublesome areas.

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