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6 Amazing Places to Support Refugee Work in Greece

The idea of mimycri was born 2015 in Greece, when co-founders Vera and Nora volunteered on the Greek island Chios. While the official support of new arrivals and local Greek communities and NGOs slows down, the challenges remain. Thus, your support as volunteer is highly appreciated. Meet these wonderful projects and organizations that do amazing work in Greece and get in touch with them.

Tip: the longer you available to volunteer, the greater the continuity and as such your impact will be.



Under the umbrella of the NGO Offene Arme e.V. the Chios East Shore Response Team (CESRT) provides immediate and long-term support for both refugees and local people on Chios. CESRT responds to daily boat arrivals, distributes necessary items, operates a language center also assisting with legal affairs, and organizes beach cleaning projects. The amazing team is looking in particular for warehouse and logistics support. mimycri feels strongly connected to this team as we have volunteered various times with them and collaborate with regard to the sourcing of our material.

Anke project workers


ANKAA is a project providing education, vocational training, access to work spaces and support in employability. They offer courses in English, Greek, hairdressing, tailoring, silk-screen printing, carpentry, metalworking, jewelry, IT, photography, CV and portfolio support, barista training, and culinary arts. When we visited last year we didn’t want to leave their wonderful creative space!

Habibi works workers


Habibi.Works was founded in 2016 as an intercultural FabLab with the support of the German NGO Soup & Socks e.V. Refugees, locals and international experts together create products and perspectives. In their 700square meter space, you can work in the wood, metal, or bicycle workshops, the community kitchen or garden, the sewing or creative atelier, the gym, beauty salon, library or media lab. Potential new team members should have specific skills in one of the 11 working areas. Volunteer opportunities typically last 3-4 weeks.

Samos Volunteers refugee camp


Samos Volunteers provide psychosocial support, combating boredom and instilling a sense of normality in the life of people living in the camp. The team focuses on empowering asylum seekers during their stay on the island. This can be months or even years. From the Alpha Centre and its daily classes, to kids' activities in camp, to the emergency laundry station, the team aims to bring humanity to their time on the island. Volunteers can take part in all daily activities and are welcome – certainly a very rewarding experience!

Lighthouse relief worker


This amazing team focuses on four main operations: 24/7 boat landing, spotting boats by monitoring the sea, providing a transit camps after landings and eco-relief activities. In addition to emergency response the team does its best to care for the local community and environment through beach cleaning and upcycling projects. mimycri collaborates with this dedicated team.

Lighthouse Relief is looking for dedicated humanitarians who are ready to make a difference through often challenging work. Candidates with experience in the medical or SAR/emergency response sectors or with Farsi language skills are highly appreciated.

Refugee camp workers

Northern Greece/Thessaloniki

Our friends from Inter-European Human Aid Association envision a Europe that lives up to its high standards in human and humanitarian rights. A central warehouse supports 15 regional camps and projects with essentials such as clothing, food, sanitary items and tents. IHA fights the lack of educational opportunities, depression and boredom with special social inclusion programs: language classes, child care and fun activities.

Watch this video to hear what their volunteers have to say!


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