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7 Ways to Contribute to the Climate Solution

a flyer for a demonstration 2019

mimycri believes that climate change is one of the biggest challenges of our time. We also see it as an opportunity. We work to change the perspective on migration because more and more people will be forced to leave their homes due to climate change. We make our bags with existing material consciously choosing up-cycling to care for our environment. mimycri truly believes that a better world is possible, but only if we manage to tackle the massive challenge of climate change together. We loved seeing people from around the world take to the streets on September 20th to demand action from our leaders on climate change. It was so inspiring to see the numbers of people committed to fighting for our planet and holding people in power accountable. Members of our mimycri family marched in Berlin and in Bonn and remarked how incredible it felt to be a part of the growing movement.

This strike was particularly important in timing, falling right before the UN Climate Summit where political leaders from around the world met to discuss climate change action. People from around the world remain unconvinced that our leaders hear our demands and would rather prioritize economic growth over policies and legal actions to protect our planet.

With this realization, we have to continue our actions - continuing to pressure our governments to hold businesses responsible for the gross majority of global emissions accountable. It is good and healthy to continue taking individual actions such as eating less meat, biking exclusively, and flying less frequently. However, our planet needs more from us. We need to focus our attention on the actors, such as businesses and governments, contribute the greatest damage to our planet.

a person holding a shield on a demonstration

How do we do this? We have a list of suggestions on how we can be a part of the solution of long-term restoration of our planet:

a person holding a shield on a demonstration

1. Join a local campaign

You don’t have to go at this alone, there are groups worldwide that are coming together to advocate for policy change. We are especially proud of participating in Fridays for Future and Entrepreneurs for Future.

2. Volunteer or donate to environmental organizations

While we pressurize our leaders, there are organizations who are working to offset the effects of businesses and companies who are causing damage. There are organizations that are working on green technologies, green financing, encouraging sustainable education. We can support these organization through either donation of finances or your time.

3. Vote for or become a leader with comprehensive and achievable climate goals

Politics are for everyone. Your vote matters! You have the capacity to be a political leader! This is so important; particularly in countries where this right is a privilege, it is so important to realize that who we elect into leadership has ramifications for centuries to come. It is time that we do not simply demand change from our leaders but we become leaders to affect the change we want to see. We need leaders who will not be bought out by big businesses but who will stand up for human and environmental rights.

4. Invest in innovative clean, green ideas.

Let’s take advantage of being creative and innovative beings. Investigate and support research and development of technologies, farming solutions, etc. that will address overarching issues of climate change.

5. Advocate for zero-deforestation supply chains.

Forests are the lungs of our planet; we need trees to stay alive and yet we are clearing them out at ghastly rates. We need our governments and businesses to seek out and commit to sustainable alternatives. Pressure your governments to invest/buy commodities from regions that are certified “deforestation-free” exercise your right as a citizen and as a consumer by putting pressure on governments and companies to make systematic changes to their supply chains that do not require clearing of forests.

6. Divest funds from stocks in fossil fuels or banks that invest in high-emission industries.

Where you put your money matters. If you put your money in a bank, research what your bank will do with your money. Find a bank that is transparent with their investing. Be thoughtful of what stocks or mutual funds you invest in: what are the values of the companies? How are they making a profit? Are they making a positive impact on the environment?

7. Appreciate and embrace the power of social influence

It has been shown that people will follow suit and change behavior based on the actions of others. When family, friends, and neighbors see you taking environmental action they will be inspired to do the same. Greater yet, talk to those around you about climate change, what you are doing to fight it, and how they can join the movement to save our planet and protect our future.

a person holding a shield on a demonstration

The climate strike was not one day or one week, whether you are making changes to your individual lifestyle to reduce your personal carbon footprint, it is imperative we continue to take large-scale climate change action. As we continue to act and engage with our communities, we hope you will join us because we need each other.


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