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A Day in the Life of mimycri!

We are the mimycri family- we grow and shrink, members come and go, we arrive from different corners of the world, but we all are connected to the mimycri family tree. So what happens behind the scenes? How do we operate as a family to tell the mimycri story?

We thought it would be lovely to share our day-to-day lives. Almost no two days are the same which we think is fantastic because it keeps our jobs exciting, a daily adventure.

The Daily Schedule

9:00 AM

At the beginning of the day, whoever is in for the day comes together and charts out daily tasks and weekly duties. Then, Nora and Vera, the co-founders have a quick meeting to split up responsibilities. Vera often attending to the marketing and collaborative duties and Nora to the financial and greater administrative. Nora provides the tailors with a weekly plan of how many products need to be made- and the team sets sail!

11:00 AM

When on the brink of a new mimycri product the team comes together for an open design session, other artists and creatives within our greater family network join in. Over the course of several sessions, a paper prototype is made from customers’ input and the handiwork of our designers.

Throughout the morning there are plenty of coffee and tea breaks enjoyed outside with one another.

12:45 PM

Whoever is responsible for making lunch for the team heads to the kitchen to cook.

13:15 PM

Although every day might look drastically different from the next, our mimycri family enjoys lunch together every day of the week. This shared meal is a foundational community aspect that reminds all of us that our lives are not centered around our work or what we produce, but we are here to connect and live with and for one another. These meals allow us time to pause and enjoy one another’s presence. No matter how busy, focused, or stressed we are, communal lunch has been a tradition for our family since the beginning.

14:00 PM

Tailors, Abid, Hanna and Khaldoun, continue to carefully craft and sew mimycri bags.

Typically the office hosts visitors from inquiring journalists, collaboration partners, and/or individuals and student groups learning about the mimycri project. This provides our family with a chance to share what we are accomplishing together and our vision.

16:00 PM

Abid finishes an average of 5 bags in one day, depending on the weekly plan, and heads home. Vera prepares templates for future presentations and applications. Nora wraps up pending collaboration contracts.

18:00 PM

After working hard, playing harder, and feeling inspired by a full day of work, the mimycri family heads home.

Because of our team size, our daily rhythm varies greatly. Many people share responsibilities and collaborate with one another, this allows for the maximum level of interpersonal interaction and a daily reminder that we are not simply co-workers, but family.


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