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Because all aspects of sustainability matter

mimycri is a holistic organization and we aim to be sustainable in everything we do: from our designs to our office equipment, our processes and our culture, we want to include our values and vision in all aspects of our work.

While a part of our team develops and produces products, others spend a lot of time at their computers. Because all aspects of sustainability matter to us, we also care about our privacy. We chose to use Onlyoffice as an alternative to the widely used big player. This allows us to work on documents together and to share files with keeping our privacy. As we are an NGO, we write this post and share the info with you instead of paying money, which we are very happy to do :)

the mimycri founders Vera and Nora
mimycri co-founders, Vera standing and Nora sitting

Did you know that there are many options for non-for-profit organizations to get free access to great services? This ranges from software solutions and legal advice to material goods.

In our experience it is always worth to ask for it and research options. So, go for it! ;)


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