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Circular Economy - What exactly is that?

A pile of the material which Is used for boats

The idea for mimycri was born when our co-founders - Vera and Nora - volunteered on the Greek Island Chios and noticed that most of the rubber boats refugees arrived in were going to waste. This motivated them to use this material and re-make it into something that would have value again.

By doing this, mimycri participates in something called circular economy. If you are wondering what this actually means - here are 4 things you should know about circular economy:

1. Circularity versus linearity

Right now, most of our global economic system operates in a linear way. This means that products are made out of new resources and materials are often thrown away when they are not wanted anymore.

Those following circular economy want to change this process and re-purpose something that is already there - just like mimycri does with the rubber boats. Instead of creating our products out of completely new materials, we give new life to something that already exists.

2. Circularity means reuse, repair, recycle

There are many ways in which we can be more circular.

By reusing something multiple times we make sure to get the most out of a product and its materials.

By repairing we save resources, because instead of buying something new, we maintain what we already have.

By recycling we ensure that scarce resources are used mindfully and avoid to constantly extract new ones.

3. Circularity is sustainable

While global demand for almost anything is increasing, the resources on our planet are coming to an end. This is threatening ecosystems all around the world. Circular economy preserves the planet by keeping resource waste to a minimum. Every material is used to it’s full potential!

4. Circularity rethinks consumerism

Circular economy changes the way we think about products and how we use them. Many circular businesses shift their customers’ focus from buying their products to leasing, renting or sharing them. When buying something new, consumers are also encouraged to think twice if they really need it.

Sources: own knowledge & Ellen MacArthur Foundation

We at mimycri strongly believe in this way of doing business. Spread the word with us!

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