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Get Your Own mimycri x Lars Trucks “I AM MANY” Jordan Air 1

The mimycri x Lars Trucks Nike Air Jordan 1 “I AM MANY” sneakers are the result of a unique collaboration between mimycri and the Berlin sneaker artist Lars Trucks.

Made from rubber boat material, which was collected at the Greek beaches of Chios after the crossing from Turkey, the sneakers form part of the 2nd mimycri collection “I AM MANY”. The collection celebrates the unique diversity of identities we all have. Each shoe is completely unique and carries a story of courage and hope.

The sneakers are gender-neutral, hand-made and of highest quality. The upper is made from broken rubber boat material; the inner is made from super soft lamb leather to guarantee maximum comfort. The mimycri minimalistic design is reflected by the decorative stitching of the pattern. The zipper at the heel links the concept of the shoe to the design of the mimycri bags. The air holes on top of the shoe form a butterfly/leave. Two straps are attached to each tongue, carrying the stitched messages “I AM MANY” (right) and “WE ARE ONE” (left).

The following personalized adjustments to the shoe are possible after winning it: – zipper: yes/no – color combination: the base color black/grey does not change, but the highlight colors can vary (depending on availability) – personalized engraving inside of the shoes

You can get your own mimycri shoes in our online shop.

The revenue will be used to cover the costs of the production of the hand-made shoes in Berlin and will be used to support the work for refugees the non-profit mimycri is doing.

mimycri x Lars Trucks special shoe collection Jordan Air 1

2nd mimycri collection I AM MANY. WE ARE ONE.

Nobody is one-dimensional. You are all your qualities, beliefs, expressions, actions and so much more. They shape your uniqueness. In every moment, you can be different and take various roles. The same accounts for the mimycri team – we are designers, mothers, refugees, freelancers – in the end we are all humans. With its new collection, mimycri celebrates the unique diversity of identities. The power of many created unique designs. Collaborating minds developed products that are many: wasted plastic material, a bag to carry your belongings and a piece of history.

Color Scheme – Base colors black or grey with strong highlights to represent the idea of mimycri to turn a sad story into a brighter one – The selected colors yellow, green and pink stand in contrast to the black and grey base and symbolize the core aspects which help to develop a brighter story o Yellow for sunshine, hope, and happiness o Pink for unconditional love and understanding o Green for life, renewal, and energy


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