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Happy Holidays, mimycri family!

mimycri founders and workers

It’s Christmas soon and we too will head off to the holiday break. But while presents and time for contemplation are great, for us one question remains: What can we do for the people around us? What does mimycri mean to them?

Our family is diverse!

Christmas season is all about spending time with the family and getting some rest, right? Let’s be honest: December is often the most stressful month of the year and not every family member exactly brings harmony to the dinner table. This is why we invited our friends and supporters, the mimycri family, and had a really cozy time together.

In our studio in Berlin-Neukölln, we had punch, mulled wine and christmassy snacks together and got to know each other better – if core team member, volunteer or companion. We had time for inspiring discussions, funny anecdotes and holiday shopping.

Exchange, community, creativity

As great as chatting with the mimycri family (which you are a part of too, if you are reading this!) about everything and anything is – our curiosity and our drive to make mimycri better and better, wins every time. That’s why we started asking how our friends would describe mimycri:

“mimycri is an interesting project, based on community, hard work and persistence. For me, it shows how different cultures are in fact the same. Creativity comes from everywhere, borders don’t exist. ”

“mimycri is a social start-up, which connects migration and art in an exciting and innovative way.”

“For me, mimycri is a ‘happy place‘. A place where everyone contributes their strengths, finds support, works collaboratively and most of all has a good time.”

Cultural exchange, community, boundless creativity and art – such a beautiful definition makes the hard work more than worth it. And additionally:

“For me, mimycri means working together, laughing together, overcoming challenges together - in a diverse community.”

“mimycri means supporting people to tell their story and vision and spread it to the world.”

mimycri is more than rubber boat material sewed to bags, finding a new calling. It’s even more than a question mark, when attempting to discern refugees and migrants from locals or people in need of help from colleagues. We want to question one-sided stories and tell new ones. We want to bring people together and build bridges.

Happy Holidays!

Travelling with these wonderful gifts, this inspiration and these visions, we’re honestly ready for the holidays. And no matter what you believe in: We wish you a relaxed time, beautiful moments with your loved ones and at the same time the chance to return to yourself within all the hustle and bustle.

Which means: Listening to your gut and setting loving boundaries, to not get trapped in the same patterns as the previous 20 years. And if you want to give a Christmas present to yourself (usually they’re the best anyway), don’t forget that using the code ILOVEBACKPACK you still get a 10% discount on our backpack on 21/12. Thank you for being a part of the family!


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