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Hi, I am backpack-bag!

the mimycri backpack-bag

Today we’re unveiling mimycri’s biggest secret: How exactly do you wear backpack-bag? It’s all that – a backpack and a shoulder bag – and will accompany you on every occasion.

backpack-bag, alright!

We all love him – the best friend, with whom you can sing silly boyband songs in the kitchen and have deep conversations the next moment. With backpack-bag, it’s exactly like that. As backpack, you wear it when biking or on a trip, as bag for shopping or to the office.

You open and close backpack-back with a robust velcro on the back of the bag (see what we did there?), which secures it from pickpockets. Your valuables are best kept in the small inner pocket, in the outer pocket your sunglasses and single-use camera are always within reach for the next adventure. backpack-bag measures 37 x 25 x 9 cm and thus fits below every front seat on your travels. Moreover, you’ll always have your laptop (up to 14 inches) on board!

Better than magic

No matter if simply black, black-grey, black-grey-red, black-yellow, black-yellow-grey or black-petrol-yellow – in terms of colors everyone will find their backpack-bag, from raven to parrot. And even though we’re still working on it changing its color depending on your wellbeing, just like a mood ring: its shoulder straps are real quick-change artists.

Their seatbelt material makes it super easy to adjust them to your size (and your style!). Additionally, they’re the secret ingredient that makes backpack-bag either a backpack or a shoulder bag. And it’s as easy as this: When you cross them, you can slip into a backpack. When you put them together at the top, you’ll have a normal bag in your hand. Wicked!

Christmas present for sense-makers

Like all mimycri bags, backpack-bag is made from 100% durable and water repellant rubber boat material. It was hand-collected on the beaches of the Greek islands Chios and Lesvos from 2015 to 2018. In our Berlin studio we’re continuing to write its story and are crafting backpack-bag by hand in cooperation with refugees.

backpack-bag is hence the ideal Christmas present for every brave pilot, who is looking for perfect company in every situation. You’re also making a clear statement in favor of upcycling and against waste, in favor of diversity and against marginalization. Order it until 11/12 and get a 10% Christmas discount with the code LOVEBACKPACKBAG!


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