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Who made my mimycri bag - Abid

The revolution is happening and we are joining it!

We love that customers are using their purchasing power responsibly. The industry is being changed by people who understand the social impact of fashion. Let’s continue to encourage one another to think and remember that our clothes and bags are all made by someone, somewhere and that they all have the right to a fair wage and safe working conditions.

Here at mimycri, we love answering the question, “Who made my bag?”

the mimycri worker Abid who is a tailor
Meet Abid - Tailor and designer for mimycri

Meet Abid, one of mimycri’s tailors and designers.

He can often be found at cutting fabric, buzzing away on the sewing machine, or sorting through the boat material.

I sat down with Abid and learned a little about his story, creativity, aspirations.

Natali: How long have you been in Berlin?

Abid: 3 years and some months.

Natali: How old were you when you learned to sew? Who taught you how to sew?

Abid: I was very small, minimum 11 or 14 years. I learned at a textile factory. I first worked at a t-shirt textile factory.

a mimycri meeting
photo credit to Julia Voltmann

Natali: What different fabrics have you worked with?

Abid: I have worked with everything. Cotton, jersey, fleece, lycra, leather, jeans, rubber...everything. At my first job, I learned how to stitch in just four days. I taught myself how to work with different fabrics and also how to fix sewing machines.

Natali: How many languages do you speak? Do you have a favorite word?

Abid: I speak maybe 14 different Pakistani languages, Urdu, a little Farsi, Arabic, Turkish, English, and of course German.

“Yaar” which means ‘friend’ is my favorite Urdu word. Sometimes it means friend or love. We say this so much in Pakistan.

Natali: What do you listen to when you’re working?

Abid: I listen to Pakistani news, politic shows, comedy shows. I only listen to music when I travel to work or home.

Natali: I know you love to cook. What foods do you like to make? What is your favorite dish?

Abid: I do love to cook! Cooking is my second hobby. First is my work, second is cooking. I cook food from so many different countries. But my favorite food to make is Kahari gosht with mutton shoulder or chicken.

“ I am so happy with mimycri. ”

Natali: How did you get connected to mimycri? How long have you been with mimycri?

Abid: Almost 2 years. I saw a screenshot from mimycri-- they needed a tailor. I took this to a nice woman at Moabit Hilft and she helped me write an email to Nora and Vera. I met them, we ate some nice food, and I explained that I am a good tailor and designer.

Natali: How has mimycri helped you in your move to Berlin?

Abid: I am so happy. Mimycri has helped me so much. I learned so much German here and they help me become better in my German. I am so happy with mimycri. I am so happy with my German family, they have helped me so much!

Natali: What are you working on now?

Abid: (holding up green material) This will become a laptop bag. We made this design in October and I have made so many cases since then.

the mimycri laptop case colour white-black

Abid uses his years of training to transform the boat materials into storytelling mimycri bags. Abid brings much life, laughter, and experience to the team and we’re so grateful to have him be a part of the mimyci family!

If you love our mimycri laptop case as much as Abid loves making them, use the code WHOMADEMYLAPTOPSLEEVE for a 10% discount over the next 7 days!

The promotional code can be used from 28 November at 11am and to 7 December at 11am!


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