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‘It Looks Like a Wash Bag‘

After asking our community if a wash bag was a commonly used item, we were met with loud replies: ‘Of course!’ and “Oh I’ve had the same one for years- I use it all the time!”

Ok, point taken.

Whether you are a full face of make-up, fancy gel and special serum kind of person or just a toothbrush & soap type, you need a vessel in which to transport said items. Welcome the mimycri wash bag. Standing tall with or without packing, it is ready to be taken wherever, and as we already know from our mimycri community they will go far.

Once again, we are pleased to present a product carefully designed to fit seamlessly into your life – accessible, functional and a beautiful design for everyone.

Our wash bags were constructed using recognizable visual codes and object semiotics. Now we don’t want to get over-fancy with you but basically we’re saying that we made wash bags that look like wash bags--the perfect wash bags.

Visual language can be universal and it is such a powerful tool in allowing communication without borders – here is the link to that jargon from before, if you held up our wash bag to someone else they might guess that it was a wash bag.

We live in an incredibly connected and social world and with increasing globalization the cross-over of visual language has been encouraged. When used with respect, globalization connects people easier and faster as they find common-ground and share experiences.

However, in many spaces globalization can force the standardization of culture, meaning newcomers struggle to find a voice in a new culture. Instead we must encourage the arrival of new cultures, new knowledge and new people and see that we have just the same need to learn from them as they do from us. Together this can develop a world with an even greater diversity of visual language.

So take our wash bag with you on all of your adventures! Some people might recognize it for what it is and some may not, instead telling you what it could look like instead, but we’re proud of the story this visual masterpiece tells.


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