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Little Black Bag

The mimycri bag Small Fanny Pack

We all love a good LBD that is flattering and we can wear for whatever occasion. Just like Coco Chanel created a fashion icon with the LBD, mimycri is creating a wearable statement with our Small Fanny Pack.

Make an Impression

You might be tempted to think that the motif of the LBD and it’s partner the Little Black Bag is conservative or safe, but we are here to challenge that idea. Throughout history the figures who have shaped style and fashion have consistently redefined the LBD. mimycri is now redefining the Little Black Bag: Make it a Fanny Pack! Make it a triangle! Make it out of upcycled rubber boats! Make it a social statement!

Just like it’s older sibling the Fanny Pack Big, you can wear it over your shoulder, across your body, or go for the classic around the waist look.

The slim inner pocket promises to keep all your valuables safe and quickly accessible. The seatbelt strap guarantees a comfortable wear. The size makes it charming, the shape makes it bold, the design makes it wearable and long-lasting, and sleekness makes it versatile. We think that it is the perfect companion to your LBD, or really ANY dress you choose to rock!

It Suits You

The mimycri founds talking about the mimycri bag Small Fanny Pack
Peep Vera rocking Fanny Pack Small with a kimono dress!

Maybe you’re going on a first date, attending an important family reunion, or going dancing with friends, the Fanny Pack Small is the perfect complement to your outfit. Dress it up or dress it down or use it as your daily purse--you’ll want to anyway, because that’s what you want to do with a best friend.

Just like everything that comes out of small studio, the Fanny Pack Small is made with love and with the belief that we can make a difference with how we use (and re-use) materials to tell important stories.

Important note: this delightful bag comes in more colors


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