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Meet Sleeve

the mimycri laptop sleeve

The commuter worker and university student knows how important their laptop is. All your hard work is on that rectangle! So it is best if you keep it well protected and guarded. Before tossing it into your backpack and biking to the office or school, slide it into a mimycri laptop sleeve, then adventure away with a peace of mind that your computer is safe!

Be Safe and Use Protection

The laptop sleeve, like all of our other bags is made from rubber boat material. These boats have carried much more precious cargo, they brought passengers across stormy seas bringing them to a new home. The scraps of these boats are still durable material, and continue to fulfill the role of reliable transporter.

Whether you are a professional or a student this laptop sleeve can be your best colleague or classmate. You can trust this handy laptop sleeve and appreciate it’s sleekness. Represent your personal style by adding a splash of color the canary yellow or the cardinal red, or stay sharp with the all black matte. Whether your personal style is casual or a more executive look, you’ll be sure to love one of eight colors!

This laptop sleeve is totally weather and waterproof, after all, it was once a boat! Made from upcycled rubber, mimycri material is made to last, and with a sturdy velcro closure, your laptop won’t be escaping. mimycri Laptop sleeves come in three convenient sizes, so whatever laptop you’re sporting, we have got you covered (literally!)

the mimycri laptop sleeve colour blue-white

While designing the ideal laptop sleeve, mimycri maximized practicality and aesthetics. So while protecting your computer, this original sleeve will help you stand out from the rest of the crowd.


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