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mimycri annual reflection

mimycri founder

Exactly one year ago, I quit my United Nations job in Paris. I decided to move back to Berlin to dedicate all of my time to mimycri.

I was not sure where this journey would take us to, but I was sure that I wanted to explore and experience it.

Now, one year later, I look back to what mimycri has developed into and it makes me smile.

mimycri at Fashion Week 2018
mimycri at Fashion Week 2018

Some facts and figures

We have doubled our sales in comparison to the year before. We secured some crucial funding. We moved into a new home. We enlarged our team. We put together our own fashion show. We established cooperations with two NGOs in Greece. You can find mimycri products in actual shops now. Media worldwide has published more than 50 articles about mimycri. We had over 30 workshops with school classes, universities and entrepreneurs worldwide to share our story. We were awarded by the German government as Kultur- und Kreativpiloten 2018.

Of course, there were also moments in which things were super hard: when sales did not pick up, when the delivery of material was delayed, or when we received one negative response after another to all our funding proposals.

But what it comes down to for me is more than numbers and individual moments, its the collective learning that mimycri as a project has undergone. Throughout 2018, we were learning from each other. We got to know ourselves and one another better. We created a network of inspiration, creativity and expression. We actually did make people reflect and discuss. And we realized the massive potential that we now see in mimycri.

I am still not sure where this journey will take us, but I am reassured by the evolution that mimycri and I as a person have gone through in 2018. I cannot wait for 2019 to begin to take it to the next level!

xx Vera


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