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Pack it All in!

the mimycri backpack

You always remember your first. Backpack, that is. It’s the last thing we grab as we head out the door, it has plenty of space for everything we can possibly need, and it rests on our back through all of life’s adventures. And as backpack styles have changed as the years have rolled on, we continue to value and need a trusty bag that fits our lifestyles.

The mimycri backpack is just that. It can hold an unbelievable amount of items, it’s all-weather proof, and adjustable shoulder straps make it ideal for the everyday adventurer.

Whether you’re exploring a new city, preparing for your first day of college, or completing your weekly supermarket run, this backpack is there to help and support you--your most trusted partner in crime!

let’s get down to the details

This backpack boasts the essentials: a large main compartment (30L!), an inner pocket for small valuables, an inside strap for a laptop, and an outer side pocket with zipper that for quick storage.

With the roll top design, you can fit as much or as little as you need.

Are you a notorious over-packer and struggle to meet the Ryanair or easyJet handbag guidelines? mimycri’s sewn in some magic to this bag so that you CAN bring that extra outfit and still stow your bag under the seat no problem! The inner pocket ensures safe-keeping of your phone, wallet, keys, and lip balm. There’s never any stress about quickly throwing stowing with the smart side zippered pocket. And you’ll always be able to pack your laptop snuggly and safely using the securing strap.

it gets better? absolutely!

the mimycri backpack open in colour black-green

As is with all our bags, the backpack is made from incredibly durable upcycled rubber boats making it waterproof and all-weather loving. The washed up boat material is collected from Greek shores. We believe that we can continue to tell the stories of the people who rode in these boats. This bag embodies the pursuit of hope and the celebration of


This winter season as you consider holiday gifts and new year commitments, make a statement about loving the environment and loving your rich, diverse community. Thinking of ordering a backpack as a last minute gift? Use the promo code ILOVEBACKPACK until Friday 21/12 for a 10% discount off any color!


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