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The 7 Hottest Labels Empowering Newcomers

mimycri is a part of a global family. One that loves finding ways to create beautiful, meaningful products alongside our recent neighbors. As migration numbers are increasing, new talents are being spread and shared with wider communities. We are proud to be a part of a network that seeks to provide job opportunities for skilled newcomers. Meet some of our brothers and sisters that find joy in up-cycling and/or are creatively employing newcomers.


The Future of Factories

Activist fashion cooperative, SOFFA, is an innovative model of vocational training and employment for trafficking survivors and refugees in Greece. This community is a skills incubator that works together to continue developing sustainable fashion products from natural or recycled biodegradable materials. They create unique products for labels such as Social Fabric and Zita, making them a responsible and demand-generated curator. Sofa addresses the issues of fashion industry pollution through social integration and community building.


Chorus of Cultures

A banding together of brilliant designers and tailors makes the Kuniri brand so distinctive. Between Berlin to Munich, the team represents many different countries and a span of ages. They celebrate their diversity through creating together totally unique patterns and styles representative of cross-cultural collaboration.


A Mile in Their Shoes

Meet the company that is racing towards possibility and hope by developing a brand that advocates for social justice and embraces sustainable production. IMM’s high-quality couture shoes are hand-crafted by newly arrived migrants and refugees seeking economic empowerment opportunities in Spain. Each purchase directly impacts the lives of those employed as well as creates more opportunities through further skills training.

The Netherlands

Futures So Bright

More than just a fashion label, Makers Unite is a creativity lab that encourages newcomers to the Netherlands to explore gifts, talents, curiosities through the design and storytelling. From this community has come unique products up-cycled from discarded life vests into bags and laptop sleeves- a much to be celebrated union of sustainability and social inclusion!


Splashes of Color

Based out of Sydney, Australia, the brand is making a difference by hiring and bringing together the skills of refugees, asylum seekers, new migrants, young, old, women, and men. With their existing talents and shared creativity, they style and make a range of colorful clothing collections.


The Responsible Rug

Social consciousness can be in every purchase made, from food to clothes, to even the carpet in your home. The hand-knotted RAGMATE rugs provide economic independence to Syrian refugee women living in Turkey. Each gorgeous unique carpet is made from excess fabrics from the textile industry, making beauty from scraps and providing transformative employment opportunities.

United States

Beaded Love

From the hands of gifted artisans come beaded works of art in the forms of necklaces, bracelets, earrings and more! A community of refugee women from Iraq, Afghanistan, Burma, Democratic Republic of Congo, Tunisia, Syria now resettled in Dallas, Texas work and support one another in her pursuit of a new life. Each piece of hand-made jewelry comes from a woman empowered and galvanized by her creativity, her community, and her work.


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