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The Traveling Pouch

The mimycri traveling pouch

All your bags are packed and you’re ready to head out the door for your trip. What is the last item you need to check to make sure you have with you? Your passport, the small but ever so important piece of documentation that opens up the world of travel and opportunities. Luckily, you have decided to keep your passport along with your other valuables stored away in your mimycri pouch. Once you see the passport in the pouch, you’re off on your next adventure.

the mimycri travel pouch

The mimycri pouch is unique in its versatility. Its sleek look means it can be used for a small clutch or wallet, where its size lends to its ability to be a holder of larger items such as electronics, stationary, or passports.

This handy travel companion will accompany you on your summer trips, wherever they may be. Traveling is a unique way to meet, engage, and learn more about our world and our global neighbors. By stashing your passport, ID, or travel documents into this waterproof pouch, you begin your trip before boarding your plane or train. This pouch, stitched by newcomers to Germany, is a testimony to the interconnectedness of our world and how the talents of people with different passports contribute to our local communities.

The opportunity to travel freely is a gift not afforded to everyone. Traveling can mean booking a ticket to a country 5,000 km away or it can look like engaging with newcomers around the corner. mimycri chooses to celebrate the diversity of communities everywhere--abroad and at home by telling the stories of newcomers with items we use daily.

The pouch is made from upcycled rubber material off the shores of Greece. These rubber boats carried passengers traveling to safety. This journey is made tangible and is commemorated by the mimycri travel pouch.

Considering bringing a mimycri pouch along with you on your next adventure?

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Happy Travels!


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