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Where it all began – mimycri’s origin

workers collecting the material from a boat

mimycri is born out of the experience that it is possible to start something good in bad circumstances. That it is up to you to make a difference. That things are not always what they seem by changing the way you look at them.

Nora and Vera, two members of our team volunteered on the Greek island Chios in the context of refugee arrivals. An experience that left us shocked by the visible inability of authorities, but also deeply touched by the enormous amount of love and compassion demonstrated by those meeting for the first time in the middle of the night at a dark beach.

It was a truly profound experience: sitting beside someone whose language you don’t speak, watching the sunrise over Turkey. Two people whose paths have never crossed before and whose paths are likely to never cross again. Yet, two people who feel so much better for each other’s company.

Before this experience, we knew what being human meant. On Chios, however, we felt what it meant to be human. A feeling so much stronger than any feeling fear could produce.

During our time on Chios, we had the idea to reuse the clothes that were left on the beaches after each boat arrived. By reusing items of clothing, we could save money, while also reducing waste.

We did not think. We just did. It was surprisingly easy.

With the help of amazing people we set up Rescued Laundry Chios, a project that is still running and by now has saved donation money and tons of waste.

Back in Germany we wanted to continue the work we have started – we wanted to create something real.

And here we are. mimycri. a change of perspective.

a new story.


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